Don`t forget that, and U`ll be happy

Posted: mai 24, 2011 in Deziluzii

It`s damn sad..I try to be a good man who understand a woman and be supportive to the one I love..but love itself is selfish..I can`t be that man and I`m alreay tired of pretending to be cool while I was not. For that reason, from now, I prefer to live and, and at the end of life, to die,  ALONE.  Sorry that I lived so, until now…

I`m P.E.  And I have 42 years old.  My parents (Mr.P.D. & his wife Mrs.P.C.) are married from 58 years. When they „renewed their wedding vows” at 50 years, a lot of people asked them how they did it. Their answer, „Dedication”. They fought together for their happiness cause that thing in marriage and a relationship is a two way street. Too many people think that their significant other must be perfect and meet every single need they have. Truth is, you married a person, not perfection. Love itself isn’t enough. Dedication must be there as well.

Always the same...

(Dedication to I.B.)


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